Vittori-Ale – a fountain by Mario Botta

"D'Annunzio and the Pan Gardens" is an event, that has now reached its third year, taking place in the park of the Vittoriale on the lake of Garda, the residence built between 1921 and 1938 by Gabriele D'Annunzio as a monument to the "inimitable life" of the Italian poet and political activist in the First World War.

For the characteristic steep gardens of the villa, Swiss architect Mario Botta designed and gifted to the Vittoriale a fountain, which he dedicated to D'Annunzio. Produced by Floema, Vittori-Ale - title of the work - is a tree-fountain bearing Botta’s typical stylistic trait, a flawless integration of classicism and contemporaneity. Built by the makers of THEMPRA COLLECTION, the fountain is made of steel, coated and decorated with a black and white mosaic by Arezia srl. The spectacular nature of the park embraces the work of Mario Botta, that replaces a fountain now no longer functioning designed by d'Annunzio for that place, among waterfalls and water streams.